Specialty Packaging Labels

Labels are an integral part of specialty packaging such as bottles, jars, boxes, and more. Take advantage of the packaging real estate it provides to decorate with your brand in vibrant color. We have the shapes and sizes to give your packaging a good impression, and speaking of impression, we can provide embossing on your label, so your product rises above the others. Custom shapes and sizes are designed to fit your special shape container and package, printed on a wide variety of materials.

Specialty Packaging Label Types & Categories:

Weatherproof Labels and Waterproof Labels

Product labels made with the right face stock materials, inks, and adhesives to withstand the specific environments a product may encounter.


  • UV coatings, durable polypropylene
  • Printing on a wide range of durable or waterproof face stock materials
  • Specialty adhesives
  • Durable laminate and varnish finishes that come in matte, or gloss looks
  • Printing labels of any shape and size using our vast library of die cuts

Weatherproof labels for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Display packaging
  • Plastic and glass beverage bottles
  • Food labels for packaging and containers
  • Direct mail

Promotional Product Labels

For running short-term promotions or a variety of printed designs on the same product, digital label printing is a low-cost way to print small orders. We can customize each label to provide you total promotional flexibility. Our capabilities allow us to:

  • Print a different image on every label in a print run
  • Incorporate unique QR codes and coupon codes
  • Put a variety of messaging on your labels so you can market to different audiences regionally or seasonally

Other Specialty Packaging Labels

  • Biodegradable Seed Labels
  • Scratch-Off Labels and Game Pieces
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Safety and Warning Labels

Nova Label’s full-service team is experienced in Specialty Labels and can pull from our extensive capabilities to assist you. Our team helps you find the best label solutions, so your product has an eye-catching label that communicates all key information. We’ll guide you in determining the best structure and materials. And throughout the process, we ensure you get the best label for your budget.