Nova Label Company
Nova Label Company

Examples of Our Work

At Nova Label Company, we specialize in manufacturing custom labels for a wide range of industries. Here are just a few examples of the quality products and value added features that we deliver every day.

Roll LabelsRoll Labels

Roll Labels are available in virtually any size and up to 10 colors. Rolls are designed to be affixed either by hand or machine.

Continuous Form / Cut Sheet Laser LabelsContinuous Form / Cut Sheet Laser Labels

Custom cut sheet laser labels are specially designed for personalization. They can be printed in up to 8 colors and are ideal for use in laser printers.

Food Packaging LabelsFood Packaging Labels

Custom food packaging labels are available in up to 10 colors on standard gloss paper, clear poly and white poly materials.

Window DecalsWindow Decals

Custom window decals can be printed on clear static cling or clear poly with removable glass adhesive. Bumper stickers can be made from a durable white poly with permanent adhesive. All are top-coated with clear UV varnish or UV white for added protection.

Specialty PackagingSpecialty Packaging

Labels for specialty products such as this water pouch with piggyback label are available with a kiss cut commemorative sticker that peels off the front and back. This label is available in a white poly material which enhances durability.